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Alexander Luthor
Lex Luthor (Smallville Finale)
Alias(es) Lex Luthor
Appeared in Smallville: Finale
Status Alive
Actor Michael Rosenbaum

Alexander "Lex" Luthor is Clark Kent's former friend.


Smallville: Finale[]

Later, Lionel kidnapped Tess and revealed to her Lex had been taking the best pieces from his clones, and surgically grafted them into a "masterwork". Except Lex was unable to successfully duplicate one thing, a heart. Lionel had wanted to use Conner Kent, whom he felt would be most suitable, but had to use Tess as a last resort. He had her strapped down, but Tess was able to escape and shot Lionel. Lionel, dying from his injuries, crawled towards Lex, where Darkseid confronted him. Lionel and Darkseid made an exchange, Darkseid would give Lex Lionel's heart and restore his soul, If Lionel surrendered his own soul to Darkseid in the process.

Lex, resurrected, met with Clark at the burned down Luthor Mansion.

Lex explained to Clark he finally realizes why he cannot win, Clark is destined to be the hero, and Lex could never be. Lex had embraced his own destiny as the villain. He was then able to encourage Clark to go fight Darkseid, saying that Clark couldn't defeat Darkseid, but they both know who could.

Lex later arrived in Tess' office, he acknowledged the fact that she killed Lionel, whom only wanted to help Lex, and asked her what she wanted. He told her he loved her, and the two siblings embraced, Lex then stabbed her with a long blade. As Tess died, Lex said he was saving her from becoming him, to which she said Clark already has. She rubbed a chemical on his face, which interfered with his memory.

She told him he had 30 seconds until his memories were wiped. He forgot everything that happened throughout his life and looked out of his office window at Apokolips, as a tremor caused the LuthorCorp sign to lose it letters, leaving behind LXCorp in it's place.


By 2018, Lex had been elected President of the United States.




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