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Alexander Luthor
Lex Luthor (Superman Doomsday)
Alias(es) Lex Luthor
Appeared in Superman: Doomsday
Status Alive
Actor James Marsters

Alexander "Lex" Luthor is Superman's arch enemy.


Superman: Doomsday[]

The undisputed ruler of Metropolis (at least in his own mind), Lex Luthor is Superman’s forever rival. Always able to prove that he’s innocent in whatever matter comes up against him, Luthor is never tried for his many crimes against humanity and often makes up for whatever bad publicity he gets by donating money to an organization inside Metropolis.

After a mining expedition headed by Luthor goes awry and accidentally frees the demonic Doomsday from his containment, Luthor leaves the cover up to his assistant, Mercy Graves, to clean up. After tying up all the loose ends herself, Graves returns to tell Luthor of the news and seconds later is put to death by a bullet to the head from Luthor’s gun.

When Superman’s death was inadvertently caused by the release of Doomsday, Luthor was perhaps the most distraught of all. Despite being mortal enemies, Luthor had always believed he would be the one to kill the Man of Steel and when the idea of cloning Superman from the DNA he left behind at the scene of his death came to Luthor, it was too hard to resist. Creating and unleashing a clone upon Metropolis, Luthor called the clone back to his tower repeatedly for “workout” sessions in a red-energy room that drained Superman of his powers and enabled Luthor, with kryptonite-studded gloves to beat the life out of Superman. Leaving him in a pile of hurt, Luthor would then visit the real Superman, who he held in containment.

After the creation of the first Superman clone, Luthor sent it to retrieve the body of Superman from his grave so that he may be put on display in Luthor’s private collection. The body, however, was eventually stolen and Luthor was once again left feeling “alone.”

When Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen infiltrated Luthor’s offices and found that Luthor was planning to unleash an army of Superman clones upon the world, Luthor’s attempt to kill them was thwarted by his own Superman clone. Despite having planted a kryptonite bomb inside of the clones brain, the clone had hours before discovered the bomb and removed it, leaving Luthor, and Metropolis, at the mercy of this clone. Luthor was trapped inside a room that was eventually uprooted from Luthor’s building and thrown to the streets of Metropolis below. Although Luthor miraculously survived, he was in critical condition. Nonetheless, when the news that Superman was indeed alive, Luthor was filled with delight: he would still yet have his chance to end the Man of Steel’s life.


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