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Angela Bassett

Angela Bassett

Angela Bassett portrayed Amanda Waller in Green Lantern.

Significant roles[]

  • Katherine Jackson in The Jacksons: An American Dream (1992)
  • Dr. Betty Shabazz in Malcolm X (1992)
  • Anna Mae Bullock / Tina Turner in What's Love Got to Do with It (1993)
  • Det. Rita Veder in Vampire in Brooklyn (1995)
  • Dr. Betty Shabazz in Panther (1995)
  • Lornette "Mace" Mason in Strange Days (1995)
  • Bernadine Harris in Waiting to Exhale (1995)
  • Rachel Constantine in Contact (1997)
  • Stella Payne in How Stella Got Her Groove Back (1998)
  • Dr. Kaela Evers in Supernova (2000)
  • Diane in The Score (2001)
  • Rosa Louise McCauley Parks in The Rosa Parks Story (2002)
  • Desiree Perry in Sunshine State (2002)
  • Dr. Elizabeth Chase in The Lazarus Child (2004)
  • Tanya in Akeelah and the Bee (2006)
  • Mildred in Meet the Robinsons (2007)
  • Dr. Cate Banfield in E.R. (2008-2009)
  • Voletta Wallace in Notorious (2009)
  • Michelle Obama in The Simpsons (2010)
  • Amanda Waller in Green Lantern (2011)
  • Collins in This Means War (2012)
  • Secret Service Director Lynne Jacobs in Olympus Has Fallen (2013) and London Has Fallen (2016)
  • Ramonda in Black Panther (2018) and Avengers Endgame (2019)
  • CIA Director Erika Sloane in Mission Impossible Fallout (2018)
  • Shatter in Bumblebee (2018)


  • When asked if Amanda Waller is going to appear in other DC movies: "I hope so..."
  • "You know, I enjoyed working on that. Of course you wish it had been bigger and more successful."
  • "But you just don't know. I mean I know we put a lot of work in and I thought it was well done. You know, well-directed, acted, and cast. But, you never know what is going to just grab the audience and they won't let go. So, that particular one wasn't, but maybe it'll come back around. Because there were some real die-hard fans for the Wall."
  • "She'll be great. She'll be great."