Appeared in Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths
Status Deceased

Angelique was the first lieutenant of J'edd J'arkus and the evil counterpart of Hawkgirl.


Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths

Angelique is a parallel version of Hawkgirl. Instead, she wears a white angelic costume, has wings, and is armed with a flaming sword. Angelique is one of the Crime Syndicate's Made Men and is may have been a first lieutenant of J'edd J'arkus. When the Jester and Alexander Luthor stole the Quantum Trigger, she accompanied J'arkus and hunted them down. They only managed to catch up to the Jester whom Angelique fatally stabbed. Jester replied with one last joke and detonated a bomb. All three were killed instantly.




Behind the Scenes

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  • Angelique's flaming sword seems to stem from the biblical passage found in Genesis 3:24 where it state that God placed an archangel with a flaming sword at the gates of the Garden of Eden after Adam and Eve were banished from it. This would be appropriate given Angelique's name and appearance.
  • Angelique is the evil counterpart of Hawkgirl.


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