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Anthony Ivo
Anthony Ivo (Arrow)
Appeared in Arrow: Three Ghosts
Status Deceased
Actor Dylan Neal

Dr. Anthony Ivo was a scientist who would stop at nothing to unearth a breakthrough that dates back to the latter days of World War II.


Arrow: Three Ghosts[]

On the island of Lian Yu, Ivo and his crew followed Oliver, Shado, Sara and a wounded Slade to the submarine, and after they injected Slade with some raw Mirakuru, Ivo and his men burst in, holding the three of them at gunpoint.

Unable to defend themselves, Ivo took Oliver, Shado and Sara to the surrounding forest. He forced Oliver to decide which one of the two women would be killed, threatening that if Oliver did not choose, he would kill both of them. When Oliver leaped to try and stop him, Ivo killed Shado. A Mirakuru-enhanced Slade then burst out of the forest and wiped out most of his men, forcing Ivo to flee.




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