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Alias(es) General Antiope
Appeared in Wonder Woman
Justice League
Wonder Woman 1984
Status Deceased
Actor Robin Wright
"Never let your guard down! You expect the battle to be fair!"
―Antiope to Diana[src]

Antiope was the aunt of Princess Diana, sister to Hippolyta and Menalippe and a General to the Amazons.


Wonder Woman[]

When Diana wanted to be a warrior like the other Amazons, Antiope wanted to train her, but Hippolyta would not allow it. However, Antiope trained Diana in secret. Eventually, Hippolyta discovered this. Hippolyta did not think Ares would ever return but Antiope pointed out they could all feel that Ares was still alive. Antiope finally convinced her sister to let her train Diana, under the condition that she would be much harder on her than any other trainee until Diana surpassed her in skill.

After years of training Diana, Antiope was finally defeated in battle by her pupil when Diana's bracelets produced a shockwave that knocked her back. For years, Diana had trained to surpass Antiope.

When Steve Trevor landed on Themyscira, German sailors pursued him. The Amazons fought and killed the German sailors but Antiope sacrificed herself to take a bullet meant for Diana; Trevor killed the soldier who shot her. As Diana held her, Antiope used her final moments to urge her niece to take the Godkiller for herself and then died, surrounded by her comrades.

Justice League[]

Before Diana was born, Antiope and her fellow Amazons allied themselves with the Olympian Gods, Mankind, the Atlanteans and the Green Lantern Corps to fight Steppenwolf, who had come to conquer and remake the Earth into a planet similar to Apokolips, under the command of Darkseid. The war was eventually won by the alliance and Steppenwolf's army retreated, leaving the three Mother Boxes behind. The boxes were left under the control of Mankind, the Amazons and the Atlanteans.

Wonder Woman 1984[]

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Powers and Abilities[]


  • Longevity


  • Master Combatant
  • Sword Mastery
  • Expert Archer
  • Expert Rider



Behind the scenes[]

  • Robin Wright was rumored for the role of Hippolyta after the press release for Wonder Woman was revealed. The Wrap confirmed that Robin Wright's character was almost rewritten as Hippolyta before Connie Nielsen was cast.


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