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Black Zero
Appeared in Man of Steel
Status Destroyed

The Black Zero a Kryptonian spaceship where General Zod, his second-in command, Faora-Ul, and other members of Zod's insurgency were imprisoned in the Phantom Zone.


Man of Steel[]

The Black Zero starship was originally designed as a prison barge. When General Dru-Zod and his loyalists tried to stage a coup d'état and take over Krypton, they were eventually captured. Given that this was the worst crime committed on Krypton in many thousands of years, the Council of Five decided to send Zod and his followers aboard the vessel that was sent away to the Phantom Zone, for 300 years of somatic reconditioning. the Black Zero was subsequently released from the Phantom Zone following Kryton destrutionthat affected the Phantom Zone projector. With the help of scientist Jax-Ur, Zod and his loyalists retrofitted the ship as their new flagship with a Phantom Drive, a World Engine and several escape pods and decided to travel the universe in search of Kryptonian survivors, the stolen Growth Codex and Kal-El, sent out from the planet Earth.

Arriving in Earth's atmosphere, General Zod then sent a message to both the human race and Kal-El, demanding that humankind hand Kal-El over to them and that Kal-El surrender or watch Earth suffer. Later, after Kal-El and Lois Lane were brought aboard, they managed to escape back to Earth. the Black Zero, was positioned above Metropolis, and prepared to activate the gravity beam which would destroy Earth as the World Engine terraformed the planet into New Krypton. As the crew tried it from Kal-El and U.S. military forces. Lois, with the help of Nathan Hardy, got Kal-El's infant starship aboard a C-17, and used the craft's engine against the gravity beam, causing it to become unstable and create a singularity that sucked everything inside, including the Black Zero (which spaghettified in the process) and the plane that Hardy and the ship was on.


  • The Black Zero was named after a terrorist organization from the comics that was responsible for the destabilization of Krypton's core.
  • Black Zero also appears in Smallville as the force Zod fought when he was still a Major, leading to the destruction of Kandor.