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Brother Blood
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Appeared in Teen Titans: Titans East
Status Alive
Actor John DiMaggio

Brother Blood is the new leader of H.I.V.E. and desires to conquer the world and turn Cyborg to his cause or destroy him.


Teen Titans: Titans East[]

Brother Blood retreated to Steel City, with a team of young independent heroes on his tail who would later be shaped by Cyborg into the Titans East team. After obtaining the security codes for Titans East Tower with the help of Steamroller, Blood and his robot troopers conducted a mass attack on the Titans East. While Cyborg apparently managed to evict Blood from the Tower, Blood had already gained two important footholds: he had already captured and taken control of the minds of Aqualad, Bumblebee, Más y Menos, and Speedy, recruiting them as his new "students", and hidden himself in the basement of the Tower, where he had himself converted into a cyborg by Professor Chang, who was mind controlled as well.

With the help of his brainwashed victims, Blood captured Cyborg for interrogation. In the course of their past confrontations, Cyborg's resistance to Blood's mind control had puzzled Blood, which made him all the more obsessive about perfecting his control over his students. Thinking that this was due to a special gadget within Cyborg's systems he had not yet discovered, he intended to convert the Titans East into cyborgs as well for studying purposes. However, Cyborg had managed to call in his Titan friends, who freed him and engaged the Titans East in combat.

During the scuffle, Blood kidnapped Cyborg for a personal confrontation on the Tower's roof. After disabling Cyborg, Blood physically and psychically attempted to make Cyborg reveal the secret of his mental resistance. In the process, however, he unconsciously tapped too deeply into Cyborg's mind, and when Cyborg finally realized that it was actually his human mind and spirit which had enabled him to resist Blood, he exerted his will, tapping into Blood's powers in turn and using them to repair the damage inflicted on him, and then shattered Blood's cybernetic arms, rendering him helpless.

Following this crushing defeat, Blood was taken into custody. He was taken to prison and never been seen again.

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