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Appeared in Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo
Status Deceased
Actor Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa

Brushogun was Japan's first supervillain and an unwilling opponent of the Teen Titans.


Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo

It is said that Brushogun was an amazing artist during his youth, and he soon fell in love with a painting of a woman he had painted. Brushogun used mystic dark arts to bring his creation to life, but unfortunately, the magic consumed him and he became the ink-filled villain, Brushogun. Whenever he put his hands on a flat surface, he could create ink minions with a variety of colors.

The Titans come into conflict with Brushogun when his creation Saico-Tek attacks Jump City and the Titans Tower. Determined to solve the mystery behind the attack, Robin and the other Titans travel to Tokyo, where they do meet more creations of Brushogun but are popularly assured - particularly by Commander Uehara Daizo of the Tokyo Troopers that Brushogun is merely an urban myth. However, shortly the Titans find themselves under attack from more of Brushogun's creations - among them another Saico-Tek, Nya-Nya, and Mecha-Boi - and are framed as enemies of the state, making them hunted fugitives.

Finally they manage to backtrack Brushogun to a closed manga publishing house, only to find out that Brushogun is a victim himself: He has long been imprisoned by Daizo and hooked up to a giant printing press to produce more villains for Daizo to fight, so he would be worshipped as a hero; the Tokyo Troopers are also Brushogun's creations. The first Saico-Tek and various helping hands lent to Robin were actually Brushogun's calls for help to prompt the Titans into finding and freeing him.

Revealing himself as the villain he really is, Daizo orders the living ink creations to attack the Titans, but these are soon overwhelmed by the Titans; as a result Daizo chooses to merge with Brushogun, mutating into a giant ink monster. Robin defeats the monster by pulling Brushogun out of it, causing the ink creature to revert back to Daizo. Finally released, Brushogun dies in Robin's arms, fading into nothingness. After the well-fought battle, Starfire and Robin share their first love kiss.

Powers and Abilities

  • Bringing drawings to life.


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