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Carl Grissom
Appeared in Batman
Status Deceased
Actor Jack Palance

Carl Grissom is the crimeboss of Jack Napier and an enemy to Batman.



Carl Grissom is the most powerful crime lord in Gotham City, with almost the entire Gotham City Police Department (except Commissioner Gordon) on his payroll, including Lieutenant Max Eckhardt. When the recently-elected District Attorney Harvey Dent begins to make connections between Grissom and Axis Chemicals, Grissom panics, knowing that the evidence stored at the factory is enough to have him executed.

Grissom finds out that his mistress, Alicia Hunt, has been having an affair with his second-in-command , Jack Napier. So to take his revenge, Grissom sends Napier and his crew to Axis Chemicals to seize the evidence before Dent can, at the same time, he calls Lt. Eckhardt and orders him to lead a team of police to arrest Napier. Napier confronted by Batman falls into a vat of chemicals. Grissom believes Napier was killed and the gang kill Eckhart.

That night, after a shower, Grissom has a visit from Napier, who survived the fall and now wants revenge. Grissom feigns relief, but Napier scoffs him, and reveals his new identity: The Joker, with green hair, white skin, and a widened, permanent grin. Before Grissom can plead for his life, the Joker shoots him dead, and takes over Grissom's empire.




  • Grissom character's inspiration was from Batman's comic book gangster enemies Rupert Thorne and Sal Maroni. Interestingly enough, an earlier draft of the script included Rupert Thorne in Grissom's place, having sent Joe Chill to murder Thomas Wayne, whom had been running against Thorne for City Council.
  • Martin Landau turned down the role of Carl Grissom. Future Tim Burton cast members Sir Christopher Lee and Albert Finney were also considered for the role.