Carol Ferris
Carol Ferris 01
Alias(es) Sapphire
Appeared in Green Lantern
Status Alive
Actor Blake Lively
"Hal, I like the business part. And I'm good at! Which by the way doesn't mean I'll never get in a cock-pit again. It isn't one way or the other. That's a way a child looks at things and we aren't children anymore. I just don't wanna see someone I care about getting hurt. Least of all you."
―Carol Ferris [src]

Carol Ferris is the girlfriend of Hal Jordan.


Green Lantern

Carol grew up in Coast City and had known Hal Jordan since the two of them were eight years old. She became the Vice President of her father's aerospace company Ferris Aircraft. Hal always thought Carol was more suited as a test pilot than the more corporate desk-bound side of the job, as she was bettered in her skills only by Jordan himself.

When Hector Hammond attacked his father at a Ferris Aircraft celebration, Green Lantern arrived saving both Senator Hammond and Carol who was almost killed by the crashing helicopter. When Green Lantern returned to see if Carol was okay, she recognized that Hal was the Green Lantern. She claimed to know him better than anyone else knew him so it would take more than a small mask to fool her.

Carol later reminded Hal that he was chosen not because he was fearless but because he had the courage to overcome fear. Hammond, deranged from the power of Parallax's DNA, took Carol hostage so he could threaten to inject her with some of Parallax's DNA making her like himself, however, Hal saved her. Parallax arrived and killed Hammond and began to feed on Hal's fear, Carol retrieved his power ring and gave it to him so that he could go on to defeat Parallax. Hal and Carol then rekindled their relationship.



Behind the scenes

  • Before Blake Lively was cast, Keri Russell, Eva Green, Jennifer Garner and Diane Kruger were all considered to play Carol Ferris.


  • Carol's code name is Sapphire and her pilot helmet has a Star Sapphire logo on the side; plus, a newspaper article titles A Star Is Rising referring to Carol; these are easter eggs hinting to Carol's alter-ego in the comics, Star Sapphire.


Green Lantern

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