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Carol Ferris
Alias(es) Star Sapphire
Appeared in Justice League: Doom
Status Alive
Actor Olivia D'Abo

Carol Ferris was Hal Jordan's boss and love interest. She became a Star Sapphire and Hal's enemy.


Justice League: Doom[]

She is chosen by Vandal Savage to join his Legion of Doom (Justice League: Doom) and kill Green Lantern. She lures Hal into a mine by taking the workers hostage using a group of radicals called the "Identity Brotherhood". Though Hal manages to rescue all the workers, Carol Ferris is killed by the leader of the radicals using a suicide bomb. As Hal mourns her dead body, the real Carol Ferris stands next to him, berating him for failing to save the woman and saying that he has only hurt her, drove Carol into becoming Star Sapphire (transforming into Star Sapphire as she is saying it). This convinces Hal to renounce his role as Green Lantern and drop his ring as he pines over the dead woman. Batman eventually arrives, explaining that Star Sapphire tried to break his will using an altered form of the Scarecrow's fear toxin, as fear is the ultimate enemy of will. Hal quickly retrieves his power ring, becoming the Green Lantern once more. She joins Savage in his ultimate goal of world domination. When the Justice League storm the Hall of Doom she faces Green Lantern once again. When Hal exclaims his anger over what Carol did to him, she coldly replies that Hal had broken her heart and that she will never stop trying to hurt him back. Despite capturing him, he manages to break free and knock Star Sapphire out, catching her before she hits the ground. Hal takes away Carol's Star Sapphire gem and admits that he does keep hurting her. Interestingly, out of all the Legion members, Carol's is the only plan that does not appear intended to kill her target, instead meant to break Hal's will. She is also the last of the villains hired by Savage to be defeated.


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  • This appearance is one of the closest to the comic book counterpart.


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