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Carter Hall
Hawkman (Smallville)
Alias(es) Hawkman
Appeared in Smallville: Absolute Justice
Status Unknown
Actor Michael Shanks

Carter Hall is an immortal archaeologist who was curse thousands of years ago with his wife.


Absolute Justice[]

Carter and his wife Shayera were cursed thousands of years ago so that they would live to see each other die, forever. In the 1970's, when he was with the Justice Society of America, he was their leader. As their leader, he made many mistakes. Carter was close with many members of his team; he even married Shayera, who became Hawkgirl. When she was killed, he went after her murderer, the first Icicle, and put him in a catatonic state. He and most of the other JSA members were taken into custody, but he eventually got out and started to take care of his long-time friend and ally Kent Nelson.

Since the dissolution of the JSA, Carter took care of Kent Nelson and looked after the JSA's old headquarters. When Clark Kent came to tell Carter about the deaths of Sylvester Pemberton and Wesley Dodds, Carter simply told Clark to leave. He then enlisted Doctor Fate and Stargirl, who later befriended another hero team consisting of Clark, Chloe Sullivan, Oliver Queen, and John Jones.

Begrudgingly, Carter and Oliver seemed to learn a few things from one another. The two groups of heroes finally acted as one when Icicle, wearing the Helmet of Nabu, tried to kill them all, but their combined forces were able to stop Icicle and retrieve the helmet. Carter then took the helmet to the museum and placed it on its mantle, where it awaits another successor. He revealed to Clark that he had contacted the rest of his surviving friends and invited them and their own protégés to restart the JSA.

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