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Courtney Whitmore
Stargirl (Smallville)1
Alias(es) Stargirl
Appeared in Smallville: Absolute Justice
Status Alive
Actor Britt Irvin

Courtney Whitmore is the teenaged protege of the The Star Spangled Kid who became a super-hero member of the Justice Society of America known as Stargirl.


Smallville: Absolute Justice[]

Courtney was in the hospital after Sylvester Pemberton died. Clark Kent tried to console her, but she assumed that he just wanted a story after she saw his press pass. Courtney took the Cosmic Staff from evidence and was confronted by Oliver over it. Kent Nelson arrived and used the staff to teleport himself and Courtney away.

Later, she went to see Carter Hall and Kent Nelson. After donning her Stargirl uniform , she tried to draw out Icicle but was intercepted by Green Arrow. However, Icicle still came and the two battled furiously, but Courtney was saved by Green Arrow when Icicle sent ice daggers straight at her. Courtney and Fate convinced Carter to work with Clark Kent and his team of heroes (Chloe, Oliver and John Jones), and together they were able to stop Icicle.



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