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Diana of Themyscira
Wonder Woman.jpg
Alias(es) Wonder Woman
Diana Prince
Amazon Princess
Appeared in Wonder Woman
Status Alive
Actor Keri Russell

Diana of Themyscira is the Amazonian princess of Themyscira. She left her home to return Steve Trevor to the world of man and defeat Ares. Diana would then become the superheroine known as Wonder Woman.


Wonder Woman

Born from the earth of Themyscira and brought to life by the blood of her mother, Hippolyta, Diana was immediately thrown into a life of shelter. No doubt Diana's creation was spurred on by the death of Hippolyta's own son with Ares (a death that Hippolyta herself inflicted) and, as a result, Hippolyta kept her daughter tucked away safely within the walls of Themyscira. Unfortunately for Hippolyta, Diana was a very headstrong woman and while not looking to disappoint her mother, she did want to prove to her that she was as every bit a warrior as other Amazon's like Artemis was.

Diana was given a chance to prove herself when a male, pilot Steve Trevor, crash landed on Themyscira. After proving her worth in a tournament, Diana was entrusted with serving as an ambassador to the United States, as well as with returning Trevor back to the military. Before they can get on with their task, however, Diana is taxed with another mission: returning the escaped Ares back to his prison on Themyscira. Diana succeeds in her mission, but not before connecting with Steve Trevor on an emotional level, a level that would later spur her desire to return to the US in order to serve as an ambassador and protector of the people and further cultivate her relationship with Trevor.

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Wonder Woman

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