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Doom Patrol
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Appeared in Teen Titans: Homecoming
Members Mento
Robot Man
Negative Man
Beast Boy

The Doom Patrol are a group of heroes dedicating to protecting people.



Since the day it was formed, the Doom Patrol dedicated themselves to stopping the Brotherhood of Evil from taking over the world, their continuous efforts made them well known throughout the world, this eventually attracted the attention of a young super powered orphan named Beast Boy who sought to join them in order to make a name for himself. After he broke into their secret base, Mento, the leader, became impressed with Beast Boy's skills and he decided to make the young shape-shifter an official member of the Doom Patrol.

During one mission, the Doom Patrol set out to stop the Brotherhood from creating a black hole generator. The mission became more difficult when most of the Doom Patrol, except Beast Boy, had been captured and when Beast Boy was ordered to stop the Brotherhood, he instead chose to save his team. Because he disobeyed Mento’s orders to take down the Brotherhood of Evil before saving the rest of the Doom Patrol, a rift between the two formed. It’s not clear exactly when or what the reason for Beast Boy’s leaving was, but it seems that the rift has yet to be repaired.

Beast Boy was sent a distress signal from Mento; after receiving it, Beast Boy went to rescue his old teammates. In the process, he, again, let the Brotherhood of Evil escape in favor of saving both the Doom Patrol and the Teen Titans.

After defeating the Brain and his second Quantum Generators, the Doom Patrol returned back to their headquarters. After becoming friends with the Titans, they parted ways with them and "Garfield" (Beast Boy's real name).


Former Members[]