Doomsday (Superman Batman Apocalypse)
Appeared in Superman/Batman: Apocalypse
Status Deceased
Doomsday is an alien created as the ultimate weapon, but it was flawed. It could not distinguish friend from foe, so it attacked everything. It was imprisoned on Earth until it was released and was killed by Superman at the cost of Superman's own life.


Superman/Batman: Apocalypse

Darkseid made several mindless versions of Doomsday for a private army. The Doomsdays were used by Darkseid to divert Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman's attentions while he and his Female Furies kidnapped Superman's cousin, Kara.


  • Super Strength: Doomsday through many years of experimentation has developed strength of incalculable levels that rivals Superman. He has killed Superman once before.
  • Super Speed: While not as nimble as Superman, he can react to light speed.
  • Super Leaping: He can leap many miles.
  • Evolution: After he is defeated one way, he can not be defeated that way again.
  • Bone Protrusions: Doomsday has bone protrusions that can cut through Superman’s flesh. Despite the strength of the bone protrusions, they have a limit. They cannot hurt Darkseid’s physical avatars. As he is near-omnipotent and limitless mentally and physically.


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