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Drury Walker
Killer Moth BMBB 4
Alias(es) Killer Moth
Appeared in Batman: Bad Blood
Status Deceased
Actor Jason Spisak

Drury Walker, also known as Killer Moth, was a costumed criminal known to have crossed paths with Batman. He based his persona on the moth. A pair of wings and other technology gave him the ability fly. Armed with guns, Moth also deploys robotic moth drones from the back of his suit.


Batman: Bad Blood[]

He was later recruited to the League of Shadows by Talia al Ghul and worked in tandem with Firefly. Moth was present at an interrogation of Chuckie Sol, one of Black Mask's Made Men, for details on an upcoming shipment of weapons. Batwoman then Batman showed up before Sol could reveal anything. Batman shot his grapnel line and snagged one of Moth's leg then Firefly's rig. The two crashed in mid-air and went flying erratically. As Batman moved to Tusk, Moth fired bullets from his gauntlets then released three drones. Batwoman shot two down but ran out of ammo. The remaining drone latched onto her back and flew her into a warehouse nearby. Batman shot a grapnel line and zipped past Moth. Moth flinched but was not harmed. He soon noticed an explosive planted on his back. He was launched into Tusk.

After Batman (Dick Grayson) and Batwoman stormed the Sisters of Perpetual Grace convent, Killer Moth and Firefly appeared but were attacked by Batwing. Batwing chased after Moth with Firefly in pursuit. Moth released his drones. One shot a payload of missiles. Batwing attempted to detonate them with his flares but one was unscathed and knocked him almost into the ocean below. As the chase continued, a girder holding up the convent collapsed. Batwing blew past them and helped blast open the sealed front doors of the convent. The chase resumed. A large section of the cliff face fell over Moth and pinned him. Unable to get free, Moth was seemingly killed when the debris finally landed below at the base.

Powers and Abilities[]



  • Armed Combat
  • Gadgetry


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Batman: Bad Blood[]

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