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Eve Eden
Nightshade SBPE
Alias(es) Nightshade
Appeared in Superman/Batman: Public Enemies
Status Alive
Actor Rachael MacFarlane

Eve Eden, also known as Nightshade, was a superhero controlled by Gorilla Grodd to kill Superman and Batman.


Superman/Batman: Public Enemies[]

Nightshade used her abilities to control Mongul and Solomon Grundy to kill Superman and Batman. After her first attack, Batman notices her speech pattern and deduces she's being controlled by Gorilla Grodd so he knocks her unconscious with a batarang filled with knockout gas after Superman takes out Grodd.


  • Superman - Ally and temporar unintentional Enemy.
  • Batman - Ally and temporar unintentional Enemy.
  • Gorilla Grodd - Enemy and Mind controller.


  • Darkness Manipulation
  • Able to manipulate shadows
  • Transformation into a living shadow
  • Able to travel through shadow portals

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Behind the Scenes[]

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