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Appeared in Justice League Unlimited: CADMUS Crisis
Status Unknown
Actor Nicholle Tom

Galatea is a genetic duplicate of Supergirl that was artificially aged to make her stronger.


Justice League Unlimited: CADMUS Crisis[]

After the incident where Lex Luthor hacked and fired the Watchtower's Binary Fusion Weapon at Cadmus' headquarters, Cadmus unleashed Galatea on the Watchtower with an army of Ultimen at her command. Although the odds seemed overwhelming, the Justice League, even with its powerful founders in custody, was able to hold its own in the attack against the clones. However, that was primarily a diversion while Galatea made her way to the station's reactor to cause an explosion powerful enough to destroy the Justice League. However, once at her target, Supergirl and Steel engaged her, and Galatea relished the opportunity to kill her counterpart so much that she ignored a recall order from Amanda Waller, who had discovered that the League had been framed. In the end, the entire attack was thwarted, and Galatea was overcome when Supergirl attacked her with a power coupling which was hooked up to the Watchtower's generator. Following the massive surge of electricity, she was left twitching and catatonic; whether or not she ultimately survived is unclear.

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Behind the scenes[]

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  • Galatea is based heavily on Power Girl.

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