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Garth Ranzz
Lightning Lad (Legion of Superheroes)
Alias(es) Lightning Lad
Appeared in Legion of Super Heroes: Sundown
Legion of Super Heroes: The Man from the Edge of Tomorrow
Legion of Super Heroes: Dark Victory
Status Alive
Actor Andy Milder

Garth Ranzz is a founding member of the Legion of Super Heroes known as Lightning Lad. He can generate and manipulate electricity.


Legion of Super Heroes: Sundown[]

Lightning Lad assisted in stopping the Sun Eater by lending his power to Ferro Lad, though this plan failed. It was also revealed that it took Lightning Lad eighteen times to get the leader simulation right.

Legion of Super Heroes: The Man from the Edge of Tomorrow[]

After Saturn Girl is left in a coma, he swears revenge on the people who did it to her.

Legion of Super Heroes: Dark Victory[]

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Powers and Abilities[]


  • Electrokinesis
    • Electro-Blast


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Behind the scenes[]

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