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George Harkness
Captain Boomerang BAOA
Alias(es) Captain Boomerang
Appeared in Batman: Assault on Arkham
Status Alive
Actor Greg Ellis

George "Digger" Harkness is an expert with boomerangs. He resorted to crime as Captain Boomerang and employs bizarre boomerang gadgets - Electro-boomerangs, Exploso-boomerangs, Gas Boomerangs, and Razor Boomerangs to name a few. Boomerang's sharp tongue often puts him at odds with his fellow supervillains, mostly Deadshot. At some point, Boomerang was recruited to serve on Task Force X in exchange for a commuted sentence.


Batman: Assault on Arkham[]

Captain Boomerang was in a prison queuing for food when the prisoner next to him tried to stab him. Boomerang threw his food tray at the prisoner, demonstrating his skill with a "boomerang".

Later, he woke up and realized that he had been recruited for another Suicide Squad mission, having worked with Waller before. Boomerang had a rivalry with Deadshot who was the leader of the squad.

When the team was infiltrating Arkham Asylum, Boomerang was disguised as an EMT with Killer Frost in a body bag. He tried to show the guards that the body was dead and hit the body bag as well as Killer Frost's head, much to her annoyance. The Squad made it through security and after Killer Frost got out of the bag, she hit Boomerang in the groin as payback.

Later, when the Squad are racing to get to the helicopter, Deadshot shot Boomerang in the shoulder to eliminate Boomerang as a threat. Deadshot jumped onto the helicopter and began to take off, as the helicopter ascended Captain Boomerang put Deadshot in a headlock. Deadshot was surprised that Boomerang had made it into the helicopter, Boomerang told him that only one of them was getting out of there alive. Deadshot pulled back on the control stick with his legs which sent Boomerang falling out the back of the helicopter into a group of prisoners. He survived the fall and yelled that he would get payback on Deadshot.

Character traits[]

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Behind the scenes[]

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  • Like in the comics, he is generally disliked by everyone on the team.
  • He is one of the confirmed three surviving members of the Squad, along with Deadshot and Harley Quinn, although he is the only survivor who is unsuccessful to escape Arkham Asylum.


Batman: Assault on Arkham[]

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