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George Harkness
Alias(es) Captain Boomerang
Digger Harkness
Appeared in Suicide Squad
Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)
The Suicide Squad
The Flash
Status Deceased
Actor Jai Courtney
"You know what they say about the crazy ones..."
―George Harkness to Harley Quinn[src]

George "Digger" Harkness is an Australian bank robber known as Captain Boomerang. He is an enemy of The Flash, who is recruited into Task Force X by Rick Flag, after being an inmate at Belle Reve Penitentiary.


Suicide Squad[]

After robbing all banks of Australia he returned to Central City and came to the attention to the metahuman The Flash. Boomerang continued to clash with the Flash during his criminal activities, such as when he tied the unconscious metahuman to a rocket, only to be captured again when the lightning-fast vigilante was able to free himself. In their final encounter, the Flash finally caught up to him participating in a heist on a Diamond Exchange. There, Boomerang betrayed his associates, throwing a boomerang at the man's head to knock him out before collecting the loot for himself. Before he could leave, he was swiftly and easily incapacitated by the Flash and later incarcerated at Belle Reve, where he spent this time lashing out at guards from inside Cell D-108.

At some point, he caught the attention of Amanda Waller, who included him in her list of choices for Task Force X. By then his files indicated that he had a prior history for sexually harassing women, racism, betraying comrades and murdering innocent citizens. Boomerang was escorted to the rest of the Task Force X team outside of Belle Reve shortly before they have dispatched to Midway City. He was transported in a yellow body bag and immediately lashed out against nearby soldiers when released. He was welcomed by Rick Flag, who transported each of the member's equipment needed for completing their mission, then traveled to Midway City with the goal being to stop Enchantress and Incubus from destroying the city.

The Task Force X crash-landed in Midway City, and Boomerang, secretly wishing to test how real the implanted nano-bombs are, promptly tricks Slipknot into believing that the bombs are a fake bluffing tactic of Waller. Pretending to join in the escape attempt, Boomerang allowed Katana to subdue him, while Slipknot began scaling a building. Rick Flag activating the nano-bomb, exploding Slipknot's head and killing him. Having his suspicions confirmed, wisely chooses to stay with the group. Attracted to Katana, Boomerang asked if she had a boyfriend.

Soon after, the group encountered weird looking creatures. When Rick Flag approached them, the creatures became hostile and attack. Instead of fighting with the rest of the squad, Boomerang cracked open a can of beer and watched the fight. However one of the creatures attacked him, bringing him into the fight. During the fight, Boomerang's pink unicorn fell on the ground. After taking down a few creatures Boomerang and the rest of the squad watched as Deadshot gunned several creatures from atop a car until they were all gone. After the battle Boomerang picked up his pink unicorn and chastised El Diablo for not helping during the battle. Diablo told him that he doesn't use his powers anymore and produces a flame from his hands. Boomerang then mocked him by lighting his lighter.

Boomerang, along with the rest of the squad, was involved in the encounter with The Joker. The Squad finds the crash site, and Deadshot finds files in the chopper and shows the team that Waller is responsible for the entire situation; Flag explains Waller made the unwise move of sending Enchantress to place a bomb to kill Incubus, unaware of their relation. Once Enchantress took control of her host, she began building a machine to ravage the military bases on Earth. Boomerang, promptly disgusted that he and the others are basically a mop-up crew heads into a bar for a drink. Having drinks, Boomerang listened as Deadshot explains that they were meant to be patsies to take the blame for everything going on; for a brief moment, he had hope. El Diablo quipped that a killer having hope wasn't something he thought was possible, explaining about his past. To Boomerang's shock, Diablo once had a happy married life with children, despite being an arsonist-for-hire in the gang world. One night, however, Diablo's anger and powers cost him his family.

When Harley told Diablo to own his actions, Boomerang snapped and noted that while Harley was attractive, her personality was ugly. Harley retorted they were all ugly on the inside, except Croc, who was ugly on the outside as well; however, Croc laughed that he was beautiful on the inside. Flag then enters the bar, takes the device controlling their neck explosives off his wrist, and smashes it on the table. Boomerang quickly takes advantage of this and leaves the bar with handfuls of beer, but when Harley and Deadshot had decided to help Flag complete the mission, Boomerang rejoined them along with the other squad members.

Boomerang used surveillance to survey Enchantress' machine, but it is quickly destroyed by Incubus. As he and his teammates approached the Enchantress' position, each of them experienced a vision of their ideal desires. With Boomerang, he saw himself back in the Australian Outback, apparently having come to the point of realizing he needed to do something about changing the harsh and violent nature of his life. There, in the outback, his ideal self builds a fire and sets aflame the hundreds of weaponized boomerangs he had in his possession, seeing them turn to dust and vowing to himself to forever turn away from having to deal out death. When he awoke from the vision, he and his teammates realized that the vision hadn't been real. He then fought Enchantress and Incubus alongside his teammates, throwing out explosive boomerangs at Incubus and eventually helping defeat the two of them. As everyone prepared to go their separate ways, Waller appeared alive, much to the verbal confusion of Deadshot.

As she was holding the detonator to the bombs, Boomerang decided to fight her for the right to go free. The woman only gave him a cold stare and accepted his challenge without hesitation. Boomerang was afterwards sent back to Belle Reve. There, he would continually rage against the unfair circumstances he was brought into, desiring to be back in Australia and wondering why his teammates were settling for life within the prison. Every few days he would rage and tear everything within sight in his cell. When he would calm down, the guards would come in to replace everything that had been damaged or destroyed, allowing his cycle of anger to go on yet again.

Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)[]

At an indeterminate time after the events in Midway City, Boomerang was once again out of prison and wanted by the Gotham City Police Department. During Harley Quinn's siege on one of their branches, she noticed a wanted poster put up by the department and gleefully remarked that she knew the man.

The Suicide Squad[]

Sometime after his initial escape, Digger was recaptured and sent back to Belle Reve, where he was once again forced into the Suicide Squad. In August 2020, he was assigned to a strike team led again by Rick Flag, containing returning member Harley Quinn, and all-new members Savant, Blackguard, Weasel, Mongal, Javelin, and the Detachable Kid. This new team was sent on a mission to Corto Maltese to annihilate their dangerous and mysterious military project, known only as Project Starfish. On the way to Corto Maltese, Boomerang mocked Blackguard and laughed with the other teammates. He expressed surprise that Harley Quinn was back in Belle Reve again so soon. Upon landing on the beach of Corto Maltese, Blackguard betrayed the team, even though Boomerang repeatedly tried to stop him. A fight ensued where Boomerang killed two Corto Maltesian soldiers with his boomerangs.

However, after Mongal attempted to bring down an enemy helicopter, which crashed, first shooting tree bark clippings into Boomerang's head and body, then slicing him to death with its propellers. Harley cried out in disbelief of his death, but a glowing boomerang clenched in his fist remained in the sand where he stood.

The Flash[]

While traveling in the Chronobowl in order to prevent his mother's death, Barry Allen visited some memories from his past. Among them, he was able to observe Harkness for a few seconds during his encounter at the Central City Diamond Exchange.

Character traits[]

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Behind the scenes[]

  • Before taking on the role of Captain Boomerang, Jai Courtney had said that he would never do a comic book movie. He changed his mind when he got a phone call from David Ayer.


  • This is his first live action movie appearance.
  • "Digger" is a local Australian slang word for "soldier".
  • He likes pink unicorn plushies.


Suicide Squad[]

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