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Granny Goodness
Granny Goodness (Smallville)
Appeared in Smallville: Finale
Actor Christine Willes

Granny Goodness is a servant of Darkseid, in charge of breaking captives and turning them into members of Darkseid's honor guard, mainly her girls, the Female Furies.


Smallville: Finale[]

Granny visited Tess at the Luthor mansion pleaded with her to join Darkseid, telling her that Darkseid's Apokolips was upon them and that only his followers would be saved. When Tess refused to join, Granny sadly bid Tess a goodbye and left.

She, along with Desaad and Gordon Godfrey, tasked Oliver with placing the gold K ring on Clark's finger to neutralize his powers permanently, but Clark managed to remove Oliver's Omega symbol. Later, as Apokolips eclipsed Earth, She, Desaad and Godfrey were confronted by Oliver. Shocked that Oliver's symbol had been cleansed, Granny tried to kill him but before she could, Oliver raised his bow, fired three arrows, and destroyed the prophets.


  • Mind Control
  • Memory Manipulation



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