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The Grappling gun in Batman (1989)

Batman, Robin and Batgirl use the Grapping Gun (also called Grapnel Gun or Grapple Gun) for climbing to or descending from higher areas in seconds, as well as swinging among structures or in some cases, to incapacitate opponents, either by ensnaring or lassoing them. It shoots a type of cable, cord or line with a magnetic, mechanical hooked, or clawed end to tether itself to a targeted area or surface, while it can either retract the line in seconds to pull the user away, be made to pull targeted object or person in the users direction. In some incarnations, the device could be attached to the utility belt while its line had been fired and attached to a higher area, allowing the user to not have to hold the device to use it. As such, the belt could act as a harness for the user, especially for wire-work to give the user the illusion of being able to fly while concealing the line.


  • The device is based on the Bat-Rope or Bat-Line in the comics, which was either a grappling hook or grappling line (or in some cases even a batarang attached to a line and made into a makeshift grappling hook) to be manually thrown to a targeted area for the user to climb to or to swing across gaps.
  • In the comics, Batman once utilized a miniaturized, pistol like harpoon gun called the Bat-Poon, which is used similarly to how the grapple devices have been weaponized in the past.
  • In the Arkham game series, the device is known as the Bat-Claw.
  • In the Batman 1989 film, the grappling line could shoot both ends out to tether two targets together, similar to the Remote Claw of the Arkham series and the grapple device of the Just Cause series, notably tethering Joker's leg to a gargoyle to make him fall.

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