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Rumors about the canceled film Green Lantern 2.


  • Sinestro will leave the Green Lantern Corps and search the universe for the Yellow Central Power Battery.
  • It will be partially based on the comic series Sinestro Corps storyline.
  • Abin Sur's backstory and history will be explored.
  • Tomar-Re will be killed by Sinestro and his son Tomar-Tu will replace him.
  • The film will set in space.[1]
  • At the start of the film, Hal Jordan and Sinestro are paired to stop an intergalactic serial killer, Arkillo, who Sinestro later frees to join his Corps and restore order to the universe.[1]
  • Sinestro's decision to leave the Corps is mainly due to his distrust of the Guardians and the fact he feels that the universe laughs at the Green Lanterns. Sinestro feels that a new Corps should replace them.[1]
  • Sinestro visits Warworld to recruit members to his new Corps.[1]
  • Sinestro frees Amon Sur and recruits him to his new Corps.[1]
  • There is a reference to Amon Sur's previous attempt to destroy the Corps, which happened in Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters.[1]
  • Carol Ferris is kidnapped by Sinestro to draw Hal Jordan to him.[1]
  • Jordan requests that the Guardians deploy the entire Corps to Korugar to rescue Carol and defeat Sinestro's Corps, but they deny his request. He subsequently makes a plea to the Corps via transmission of his ring. Several hundred respond and encounter Sinestro's fledging Corps in a battle above Korugar.[1]
  • Hal, Kilowog and Tomar-Re use the large battle taking place above Korugar as a distraction to sneak to the surface of the planet to rescue Carol. There, they are confronted by Sinestro, Arkillo and Amon Sur. Hal and Sinestro evenly match each other, while Kilowog defeats Arkillo, and Tomar-Re defeats Amon Sur before they rescue Carol.[1]
  • The battle between the two Corps ends with the Sinestro Corps retreating due to the majority having little experience with the ring.[1]
  • There is a foreshadowing to the third film with a discussion by the Guardians mentioning that a "War of Light" is coming.[1]


  • Guy Gardner or John Stewart will become the backup Green Lantern.
  • Hal Jordan will not be in the film in favor with John Stewart or Kyle Rayner.
  • Carol Farris will become Star Sapphire in the film.
  • Amanda Waller will return.


  • Sinestro will become the main antagonist in this film.
  • Carol Ferris will become the Star Sapphire in this film. She could also serve as the film's villain while Sinestro becomes an (un-seen) antagonist to create the Sinestro Corps. Also, Sinestro could may be involved Carol's transformation into Star Sapphire.


  • Adam Baldwin is being considered for the role of Guy Gardner.
  • Idris Elba is being considered for the role John Stewart.
  • Ryan Reynolds will not be back as Hal Jordan.[2]
  • The studio are looking for a new actor to play Hal Jordan.[3]
  • Ryan Reynolds, Mark Strong, Blake Lively, Geoffrey Rush are all contracted to return for the sequel.[1]
  • Kevin Michael Richardson is expected to rerpise his role as Kilowog replace Michael Clarke Duncan from the first film.[1]
  • Mark Strong will return as Sinestro.[4]


  • The film may be part of the DC Cinematic Universe and therefore a reboot rather than sequel.


  • Director Martin Campbell says that he will not be back to direct the sequel.
  • The film will be part of the DC Universe with the Justice League film.[5]
  • The film may be a reboot.[6]
  • The film will be out after Justice League.[7]
  • The studio might cancel the film.[8]
  • The film may be dedicated to the memory of Michael Clarke Duncan, who died last year.
  • Joseph Kosinski is being eye by the studio to direct the sequel.[9]
  • David S. Goyer would work on the sequel.[10]
  • Details about the film will be announced at the 2014 San Diego Comic Con.