Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle voices Dinah Lance/Black Canary in DC Showcase: Green Arrow, Ree'Yu, Ardakian Trawl and Boodikka in Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, Barbara Gordon and Vicki Vale in Batman: Year One, Young Manchester Black in Superman vs. The Elite, Lois Lane and Queen in Justice League: Doom, Anchor Carla in Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1, Nora Allen in Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, Wonder Woman and Superbaby in JLA Adventures: Trapped In Time, Tina Magnus and Platinum in Justice League: Gods and Monsters, Samantha Vanaver in Batman vs. Robin, Daphne Blake and Black Canary in Scooby-Doo! & Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Catwoman in Batman Ninja and Leslie Thompson, Selina's singing voice and Jason Todd in Batman: Gotham by Gaslight.

She voiced Wonder Woman in the LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes films Batman: Be-Leaguered, Justice League: Attack of the Legion of Doom, Justice League: Cosmic Clash, Justice League: Gotham City Breakout, The Flash and Aquaman: Rage of Atlantis and Lois Lane in Batman: Be-Leaguered, Justice League: Attack of the Legion of Doom, The Flash and Aquaman: Rage of Atlantis.

She voiced Wonder Woman and Giganta in all of their appearances in DC Super Hero Girls as well as a Korugarian in DC Super Hero Girls: Super Hero High, Lois Lane in LEGO DC Super Hero Girls: Brain Drain and LEGO DC Super Hero Girls: Super-Villain High.

She also voiced Servant Girl #2 in Batman Beyond: Curse of the Kobra, Aya in Green Lantern: The Animated Series and Magpie in Beware the Batman.

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