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Hro Talak
Hro Talak (Justice League)
Appeared in Justice League: Starcrossed
Status Alive
Actor Victor Reeves

Hro Talak is the leader of Thanagarian forces and the ex-fiancee of Hawkgirl.


Justice League: Starcrossed[]

Hro Talak dispatched Hawkgirl on a secret mission to study Earth's defenses. Five years later, Talak led his Thanagarian forces to invade Earth, under the pretense of strengthening the planet's defenses against a supposedly imminent Gordanian attack. Under his command, the Thanagarians started to build an apparatus, which was supposed to project a protective force shield around the planet. However, the machine was in reality a means to turn Earth into a link in a chain of several hyperspace bypasses, which would allow the Thanagarians to penetrate the Gordanians' defense system and wipe them out permanently. Batman, who did not trust Talak, found this out and spread the word, but Talak ordered Batman subdued and locked up before he could escape. Talak then overrode the planet's defense systems, imposed Martial Law and enlisted forced human labor to finish the contraption.

Talak was also betrothed to Hawkgirl, who aided him until she found out that such approach would result in the destruction of Earth. After Hawkgirl was arrested for treason, Hro Talak confronted her about her feelings for him. He pleaded her to renounce any feeling she might have had for John Stewart and admit she loved him instead. However, Hawkgirl simply offered herself in exchange for the safety of Earth. Enraged, Hro Talak spurned her and carried on with his plan, thinking that she might forget about John once Earth was destroyed. When John attempted to deactivate the force field guarding the generator bypass before Batman crashed the Watchtower into it, Talak engaged him in combat for two reasons: to stop Batman from succeeding and to exact revenge for his "stolen" love.

During the fight, he managed to destroy John's Power Ring, and nearly killed him, if not for Hawkgirl stepping in on time. Talak fought her off, and finally put his feelings for Hawkgirl behind him. John then provoked Talak, tricking him into destroying the force field that protected the deactivation switch. After the generator bypass was destroyed by Batman, Hro Talak declared defeat and retreated from Earth.

Powers and Abilities[]