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Highfather Gods and Monsters 0001
Alias(es) Highfather
Appeared in Justice League: Gods And Monsters
Status Alive
Actor Richard Chamberlain

Highfather is the leader of the New Gods of New Genesis. He carries a staff capable of channeling the energies of the omnipotent Source. He is the grandfather of Bekka.


Justice League: Gods And Monsters[]

After a thousand years of war, Highfather came up with a plan to conquer Apokolips once and for all. A peace treaty was forged. It was to be sealed by a marriage between Bekka and Orion, a son of Apokolips' ruler Darkseid. Highfather promised he would spare Orion for Bekka but not at the expense of the mission. While Bekka wavered, Highfather was obstinate Apokolips was a world of heathens and brutes. He believed history would praise her courage and sacrifice. After the wedding, Highfather and his New Gods murdered the opposition. Highfather attacked Darkseid and overloaded his body with energy from his staff, causing his head to implode. Orion attacked but Highfather blocked him and Lightray held him. Highfather proceeded to kill Orion with his staff. Bekka intervened but it was too late. Bekka drew her sword on Highfather and called out his betrayal. Highfather warned her and stated she could still redeem herself. Bekka denied that she could be redeemed and boomed off Apokolips.


  • Golden Staff

Powers and Abilities[]

  • New God Physiology


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Justice League: Gods And Monsters[]

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