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J'onn J'onzz
John Jones Smallville
Alias(es) Martian Manhunter
John Jones
Appeared in Smallville: Absolute Justice
Status Alive
Actor Phil Morris

When J'onn J'onzz lost his family to a deadly invasion, he became the last Martian. After arriving on Earth to assist the heroes there against the invasion, he became known as John Jones as well as the superhero, known as the Martian Manhunter.


Smallville: Absolute Justice[]

Sylvester Pemberton had a page on John in the book about the Justice League. John was contacted by the Justice League when they were investigating a group who knew all of their identities and had once been heroes themselves, the Justice Society of America. John arrived at the League's request, joining them in defending their reasons for fighting crime nowadays and trying to convince the Society that the Earth was still filled with incredible amounts of hope.

The Society members had been being murdered by a young man known as Icicle, who needed to recharge his powers with liquid nitrogen. John went with Kent Nelson aka Doctor Fate, a sorcerer member of the Justice Society who could see people's fates to the nearest nitrogen storing facility in search of Icicle. While investigating Fate and John shared the mutual pain of losing their wives and family due to their responsibilities and heroes.

Fate realized that John's fate was greater than his own and seemingly attacked him, hitting him with a blast of magic that briefly teleported him to Mars and back, revealing John's true green Martian form which restored his powers. John was knocked unconscious by this just as Icicle arrived, impaling Fate through the chest. Fate was killed but his last act would not go without results. John was brought to the hospital where he was going through a metamorphosis.

The League and the Society fought Icicle in the Watchtower and when he was about to murder Courtney Whitmore, John arrived, his powers restored. He phased through an attack from the villain and helped his comrades defeat the villain for good. Later, John explained to Chloe that despite the fact that he was the last Martian, he was not alone and that the League was his family. Oliver arrived, inviting them to eat with him and John happily went, explaining that he'd grown accustomed to Earth food, especially cookies.





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