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Jack Napier's partner
Appeared in Batman
Status Alive
Actor Clyde Gatell

Jack Napier's partner was an associate of Jack Napier in his youth. He particpated in the mugging of Thomas and Martha Wayne that resulted in their deaths.



This man mugged Thomas and Martha Wayne, tearing away her necklace. The Waynes were then shot and murdered by his partner, Jack Napier, although his reaction implied that he did not anticipate that Jack Napier would actually kill them. Then he began running away, to escape from the scene of the crime, urging Jack to follow him.



  • Burtonverse (1 film)
    • Batman (First appearance) - Clyde Gatell


  • It is possible but unconfirmed that the partner was Joe Chill.
  • Other fans have speculated that this man may be Robert Hawkins or "Bob the Goon", who was always close to Napier and seemed to have a long history with him. Considering his loyalty to Napier even after he was disfigured and reinvented as the psychotic Joker, Bob's chances of being this man only increase but the chances of being Chill increase too for trying to be faithful to the original comic.