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Jason Todd
Red Hood.jpg
Alias(es) Robin
Red Hood
Hush (Death in the Family)
Appeared in Batman: Under the Red Hood
Status Alive
Deceased (Death in the Family, depending on the viewers' option)
Actor Alexander Martella (Young)
Vincent Martella (Teen)
Jensen Ackles

Jason Todd was the second Robin. He was killed by the Joker and revived by Ra's al Ghul's Lazarus Pit. After this, he became the Red Hood.


Batman: Under the Red Hood

Sometime after Dick Grayson left Batman’s side and became Nightwing, Jason Todd became the second Robin after Batman found him attempting to steal the wheels from the Batmobile. Jason was shown to have fought alongside Bruce for several years; on one specific occasion, he helped thwart an art gallery robbery from the Riddler. It was also shown that Jason was more aggressive than Dick, as on another occasion, an older Jason shattered a drug dealer’s collarbone, paralyzing him. Jason would remain the second Robin until he was kidnapped and beaten to a pulp by The Joker, who left him in a warehouse to die via explosion, Bruce attempted to save him, but he was too late, and Jason died, leaving Bruce to mourn the lost of his son. Feeling responsible for Jason’s death, Ra’s al Ghul took his corpse, replacing it with a convincing dummy, and planned to resurrect him using the Lazarus Pit, but this backfires horribly, as Jason comes back in a deranged state, kills several guards, and flee’s into the night. Eight years later, Jason returns to Gotham City, now going by the alias, the Red Hood, a deliberate callback to The Joker’s old alias. Jason isn't afraid to kill criminals, and is furious that Bruce let The Joker live, even after killing him. Jason plans to take over the Gotham crime world and confronting Bruce about letting Joker live. Jason repeatedly antagonizes crime boss, Black Mask, killing dozens of his men and ruining drug deals. Jason leaves several clues behind to tip Bruce off on who he is, who later confronts Ra’s on what he did to Jason’s corpse. After Black Mask hires Joker to kill the new vigilante, Jason see’s this as his opportunity to kidnap Joker. Jason takes The Joker to an abandoned building, where he proceeds to beat him with a crowbar. Jason and Bruce have their last confrontation in the same alleyway they met all those years ago, where a fight breaks out, causing Jason to tear off Bruce’s cowl, revealing his face. Jason takes off his helmet, finally revealing his face to Bruce. The two continue to fight as Jason leads Bruce to the building where he’s keeping The Joker. The fighting comes to an end when Jason points a gun at Bruce, angrily asking him why The Joker is still alive as he kicks down a door and drags the clown out. Jason explains how he forgives Bruce for not saving him, but asks how he can let The Joker live after everything he’s done, saying he thought he’d be the last person Bruce would ever let him hurt. Bruce explains how he doesn’t resort to killing because it’d be too easy, and if he did that, allowed himself to cross that line, then he’d never come back. Jason isn’t satisfied with this answer, and tosses Bruce a gun, explaining that if Bruce wants to stop him from killing The Joker, then he’ll have to shoot him. Bruce apologies to Jason, drops the gun, and walks away, infuriating Jason, who attempts to shoot Bruce, only for him to throw a Batarang into Jason’s gun, causing it to explode in his hand. Jason decides to set off the explosives in the building, taking all three of them out. Before that happens, Bruce grabs Jason and jumps out the window just as the bombs go off. Bruce is unable to find Jason in the wreckage, and keeps his Robin suit up on display in the Batcave, always reminding him of his greatest failure.

Batman: Death in the Family


  • Guns
  • Knife
  • Exploding helmet
  • Shurikens
  • Explosives
  • Taser


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