Appeared in Superman: Blasts from the Past
Status Incarcerated
Actor Ron Perlman

Jax-Ur was a general trusted with the defense of Krypton before growing power hungry and being banished to the Phantom Zone by Jor-El, to be freed by Mala to combat his son, Superman.


Superman: Blasts from the Past

A brilliant warrior, Jax-Ur was trusted by the ruling council for many years until he grew power hungry. Believing the council too weak, he attempted to seize control of the planet. However, his attempted coup d'état was foiled by Jor-El. Jax-Ur was tried, found guilty, and sentenced to eternal imprisonment in the Phantom Zone.

Years later, Jax-Ur was released by his faithful second-in-command, Mala, who had received a shortened sentence and whom Superman had (somewhat unwisely) already released. Developing powers that made them together stronger than Superman, they overpowered him and sent him into the Phantom Zone, and proclaimed themselves rulers of the Earth. However, Superman was retrieved, and lured Jax-Ur and Mala into a trap, sending them back to the Zone.




  • This version of Jax-Ur is based heavily on General Zod while in the comics, Jax-Ur was a mad scientist instead of a general, though both still held grudges against Jor-El.

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