John Diggle
John Diggle
Alias(es) Spartan
Appeared in Arrow: The Undertaking
Arrow: Three Ghosts
Arrow: Unthinkable
The Flash/Arrow: Flash vs. Arrow/The Brave and the Bold
Arrow: Uprising
The Flash/Arrow: Legends of Today/Legends of Yesterday
Arrow: Sins of the Father
Heroes v Aliens
Crisis on Earth-X
Arrow: Deathstroke Returns
Status Alive
Actor David Ramsey

John Diggle is the bodyguard and ally to Oliver Queen.


Arrow: The Undertaking

Felicity goes to John, and tells him about the new lead. He says he will come back as soon as Oliver apologizes, but because of his stubbornness to admitting his wrong, he knows Oliver won't. After overhearing Moira and Malcolm talking, Oliver realizes that he will need all the help that he could get. Oliver apologizes to John, and told him about Moira's involvement in The Undertaking, saying he needed John's help to stop it.

John is back on the team. He pretends to be Arrow to get information from Moira, hitting Oliver to gain information. He was meant to draw back his punches, but Oliver comes back limping and injured.

Diggle saves Oliver from custody of Malcolm Merlyn and the two return to the Arrow cave with Felicity. Later Oliver, Diggle and Felicity analysed the date for Merlyn's timetable and discovered the device to be in the railway tunnel under the city and Diggle was present as Moria confessed the truth on the news. Oliver initially tasked Diggle to go after the device but he convinced Oliver to let him go with against Malcolm together while Detective Lance handles the device with Felicity's tech support. They briefly engage the Dark Archer, but John gets injured and has to let Oliver go without him. He manages to get up the stairs in time to see Oliver kill Malcolm. Before dying however Malcolm revealed that he had a second device which forces Oliver to leaves John as he realizes that the earthquake was hitting Laurel's workplace.

Arrow: Three Ghosts

John goes on a recon mission to gather information about Cyrus Gold. Cyrus finds him and overpowers him in a brief confrontation, but John manages to escape.

Arrow: Unthinkable

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