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Jonathan Sullivan-Queen
Chloe and Roy
Appeared in Smallville: Finale
Actor Mathius Luers

Jonathan Sullivan-Queen is the son of Chloe Sullivan and Oliver Queen.


Smallville: Finale[]

Seven years after Clark became Superman in 2011, Chloe read the story of Clark's final trial to her son. After reading the story, which had been documented into a comic book, Chloe tucked him in and kissed him goodnight. Before falling asleep the boy glanced across the room at a quiver filled with red and yellow arrows and a green bow.




  • The color of his arrows (red and yellow) are a reference to Speedy, the teenage sidekick of Green Arrow from the comics. In the comics there were two Speedy's Roy Harper, and Mia Dearden. The second Speedy, Mia Dearden appeared in Season Nine's "Crossfire" and later in "Disciple".
  • The arrows also imply he is the son of Oliver Queen. In the comics, Oliver had a son name Conner Hawke who became the second Green Arrow.
  • The child appears to have been conceived in the Season 11 story arc, Detective.
  • He was born at the end of the story arc, Continuity, with Clark and Lois being named as his god parents as well as being named after Clark's father, Jonathan Kent.