Justice League
Justice League Cast
Base of operations Wayne Manor
Appeared in Justice League
Status Active
Leader(s) Superman
Wonder Woman
Members Aquaman
The Flash
Actors Henry Cavill
Ben Affleck
Gal Gadot
Jason Momoa
Ezra Miller
Ray Fisher
Zachary Levi/Asher Angel
"I'm putting together a team, people with special abilities."
―Bruce Wayne[src]

The Justice League is a team of superheroes.


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

After Clark Kent's funeral, Bruce Wayne revealed to Diana Prince that he planned to form a team from Lex Luthor's file subjects to protect the world in Superman's absence.

Suicide Squad

"You should shut it down or my friends and I will do it for you."
―Bruce Wayne to Amanda Waller[src]
Amanda Waller gives Bruce a file on both Barry Allen and Arthur Curry and tells her to shut down Task Force X or he and his friends will.

Justice League

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During the credits, Billy Batson joined the team.

Justice League: Part Two

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Current members

Known allies

Current allies

Known enemies

Current enemies


Justice League

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Justice League: Part Two

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