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Green Lantern (Batman Beyond)
Alias(es) Green Lantern
Appeared in Batman Beyond: The Call
Status Alive
Actor Lauren Tom

Kai-Ro was a Green Lantern during Terry McGinnis' time as the Batman.


The Call[]

Kai-Ro was born in Tibet, but lost his parents at a young age, he was then raised by Buddhist monks.

Despite his young age, Kai-Ro exuded remarkable maturity and wisdom. He had also been around the universe, and exhibited excellent proficiency with the Power Ring. It is unknown how Kai-Ro received his power ring, though the most likely scenarios are that ring chose him after after the death or retirement of Kyle Rayner or John Stewart, both of whom shared the duty of Earth's sector of space.

He was more serene than most of the JLU; when Superman brought Batman to join the group, Kai-Ro tried to temper down his hotheaded teammates, Big Barda and Warhawk. Also, while others immediately resorted to violence, Kai-Ro advocated for more peaceful resolutions.


  • Green Lantern Power Ring: Kai-Ro used the Green Lantern ring to generate green-colored, light-energy constructs using his willpower.
  • Green Power Battery: Kai-Ro used this as a power source to recharge his power ring once a day after each use.



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