Kara Zor-El
Kara zor el
Appeared in Man of Steel Prequel
Status Unknown

Kara Zor-El is Kal-El's cousin.


Man of Steel Prequel

Kara was born on the planet Krypton to parents Zor-El and Alura In-Ze. She grew up to become a strong young woman in a relationship with fellow Kryptonian, Kell-Ur. They both entered to become pilots in Krypton's expanding terraforming project and go onto their training in the Kryptonian jungle where they are retrieving beacons. Dev-Em one of the candidates, murders Kell and then battles Kara who manages to subdue Dev-Em, who is arrested.

Kara is chosen to participate and goes into one of the scout ships where she goes into a cryosleep. She awakens to find all of the other pods empty. She then finds Dev-Em aboard who has changed the ship's course and battles with him where they both experience their bodies changing and a huge increase in strength which causes the ship to crash into Ellesmere Island on the planet Earth.


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  • DC Extended Universe (1 film)

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