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Kathleen Duquesne
Kathy Duquesne
Alias(es) Kathy Duquesne
Appeared in Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman
Status Alive
Actor Kimberly Brooks

Kathleen "Kathy" Duquesne was the daughter of gangster Carlton Duquesne, and one of three women who took the guise of Batwoman.


Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman[]

Kathy pretends to be a girl with too much time and money on her hands. She does not have a good relationship with her father, though he orders his hired bodyguards protect her at all times. Kathy becomes attracted to Bruce Wayne, AKA Batman.

Kathy blames her father for the death of her mother, who died when an attempt on Carlton Duquesne's life was made. Carlton's wife was killed instead. Kathy's mother was supposedly a gifted artist, a skill Kathy inherited from her. Kathy took this skill, enrolling in art classes, where she met Sonia Alcana. Along with Alcana and Dr. Roxanne Ballantine, Kathy devised a scheme to enact revenge on her father, Rupert Thorne and the Penguin, the latter two receiving grudges from Alcana and Dr. Ballantine. Each of the three women brought different assets to the plan. Kathy financed the plan while Roxy provided technical knowledge while Sonia helped to train the women in hand-to-hand combat. The three would take turns becoming Batwoman, taking down Thorne, Penguin and Duquesne's weapon smuggling racket one step at a time.

Kathy was Batwoman the night of the final operation of Thorne and Penguin's smuggling racket. Her mission was to place a charge aboard their luxury cruise liner, taking the weapons and, more importantly, everyone on board with them. What Kathy did not anticipate was Bane, who captured Batwoman. The Penguin realized that Kathy Duquesne was at his club, The Iceberg Lounge, the night that Batwoman attacked the club. He finally realized the entire scheme. Kathy and her father were reunited as he saved her from the now burnt-to-a-crisp cruise liner.


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  • Duquesne is pronounced Du-Kane making Kathy Duquesne sound very similar to Kathy Kane, one person to take the mantle of Batwoman from the comics.


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