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Lana Lang
Lana Lang (Superman)
Appeared in Superman: The Last Son of Krypton
Status Alive
Actor Kelly Schmidt

Lana Lang was a childhood friend of Clark Kent's when he was growing up. They also had a small crush on each other.


Superman: The Last Son of Krypton[]

Lana Lang was one of the oldest friends Superman had. Unlike most of the people in his life (Lois, Jimmy, Lex, etc), Lana was with Clark from the beginning: She saw his transformation from country boy to superhero happen first hand. She was the first person Clark went to when his latent powers began to surface. She saw first hand his X-Ray vision, and witnessed his acute hearing. As Clark dashed (to use a relative term) to the scene of an accident, Lana saw not only his super speed, but his strength and invulnerability.

However, in Lana's eyes, something more existed than just friendship. An attractive girl, she was always able to garner the attention of any man she was interested in, except Clark Kent. He had always considered her a good friend, and though the two did date for a time, the relationship didn't last. While she vocally expressed her continued level of interest in Clark, the two never permanently clicked; regardless, they remained close throughout high school.


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