Lana Lang
Lana lang
Appeared in Man of Steel
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Status Alive
Actor Jadin Gould
Emily Peterson
"Leave him alone, Pete."
―Lana Lang defending Clark Kent[src]

Lana Lang grew up near Smallville and met Clark Kent in elementary school.


Man of Steel

Whilst on a school bus, Lana witnessed her classmate, Peter Ross, bullying Clark Kent. Shortly after, the bus crashed and plunged off of a bridge into water and began to sink. Clark tore the back of the bus open and used his super strength to lift the vehicle out of the water, much to Lana's surprise. Lana continued to watch as Clark went on to rescue Pete who was drowning. She watched Clark in awe even after her parents arrived to take her home.

Later, when Helen Ross visited Jonathan and Martha Kent, Clark's parents, she supports Pete's claim that Clark saved them by stating that Lana also saw what Pete had seen.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Lana attended the private funeral for Clark.



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Man of Steel

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

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