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Lara Lor-Van
Appeared in Man of Steel
Status Deceased
Actor Ayelet Zurer
"Make a better world than ours, Kal."
―Lara Lor-Van[src]

Lara Lor-Van was the biological mother of Superman. She reluctantly agreed to send her son to Earth as it was the only way to ensure his survival.


Man of Steel[]

Born from the advanced genetic engineering of the Genesis Chambers like every other Kryptonian, Lara was at some point arranged to be married to the scientist Jor-El. Together, Lara and Jor-El came to the decision to give birth to a child by natural means, disobeying the Kryptonian law. She later gave birth to a son, which they named Kal-El. They both knew that Krypton's implosion was imminent and Jor-El suggested sending the baby to Earth. Lara hesitated about sending her child there, fearing for his safety. Lara stayed with the boy, while Jor-El vainly attempted to convince the Law Council to evacuate the planet.

Jor-El eventually stole the growth codex, doing so upon witnessing General Zod's destruction. He gave Lara the codex; she prepared to send their child to Earth, whilst Jor-El attempted to stop Zod. In the meantime, she launched the ship and Kal began his journey. Jor-El was stabbed in the torso by Zod, Lara witnessed the death of her husband.

Later, she attended Zod's sentencing where he and his forces were sentenced to three hundred years in the Phantom Zone. Enraged, Zod bellowed out a warning to Lara that he would find her son, no matter what. Not long after, Lara watched on as Krypton's core collapsed. Despite inevitably vain advice from her droids to take shelter, she resigned herself to death as the planet imploded.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Kryptonian Physiology: As a Kryptonian, Lara's alien body adapted to Earth's atmosphere and gravity and absorbed the yellow radiation emitted by the sun. This process of adaption would have gained Lara superhuman powers. However, this never happened as she wasn't ever exposed to a sun different to the the Kryptonians' natural red one.



Behind the Scenes[]

  • Julia Ormond was originally cast as Lara before Connie Nielsen was considered for the part. However, when Ormond dropped out, Ayelet Zurer was cast in her place.


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Man of Steel[]

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