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Lashina (Superman)
Appeared in Superman: Little Girl Lost
Superman: Legacy
Justice League Unlimited: Destroyer
Status Alive
Actor Diane Michelle

Lashina is the leader of the Female Furies, Darkseid's honor guard.


Superman: Little Girl Lost[]

During Granny Goodness' mission to destroy Earth, she ran into some conflict with Supergirl and Jimmy Olsen. She summoned the Female Furies to take care of the two, but Lashina and Mad Harriet had trouble with her. Superman soon arrived, and Lashina in particular was interested in battling him. Though he was able to knock her away, she gained the upper hand and she beat Superman and Supergirl was beaten too. The Furies brought Superman to Darkseid, but Supergirl soon came to his rescue. After her teammates were beaten, Lashina battled Supergirl herself. However, Lashina's lash came in contact with Granny's gauntlet and electrocuted the both of them. Superman and his cousin escaping, Darkseid ordered the Furies to punish Granny Goodness for her failure.

Superman: Legacy[]

After Granny Goodness had brainwashed Superman into joining Darkseid's army as he thought he was Darkseid's son, Lashina and the other Furies were seen as his teammates. It is hinted that Superman and Lashina had a romantic relationship at this time. However, Superman soon regained his memory and returned to Apokolips. There, he was ambushed by his former allies, who all tackled him as he was flying. As a last resort, Superman beat Lashina and the furies by smashing into a fiery pillar, leaving the Furies to fall one after another.

Justice League Unlimited: Destroyer[]

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