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Lauren De Mille
511 129
Alias(es) Madame Rouge
Appeared in Teen Titans: Homecoming
Teen Titans: Calling All Titans
Status Flash-frozen
Actor Hynden Walch

Laura De Mille is a supervillainess known as Madame Rouge. She can stretch her body and change her shape however she wishes.



Nothing is known of Madame Rouge's past before she joined the Brotherhood of Evil as their co-leader and master spy. As the most conventionally superpowered of the core Brotherhood, the Brain viewed Rouge as one of his most valuable agents and sent her out on special missions. She soon gained a widespread reputation for being one of the most ruthless and relentless villainesses around.

After the Teen Titans and the Doom Patrol had defeated the Brotherhood's latest scheme, the Brain decided that the Titans, with their youthful unpredictability, were now their most dangerous enemies.

Calling All Titans[]

When the Brotherhood executed the world-wide strike against the Titans and their allies, Rouge took out Robin, but could not stop him from setting the communicators to self-destruct, preventing any further attempts by the Brain to track their movements. When the remaining Titans under Beast Boy's leadership attacked the Brotherhood's base, Rouge was overpowered and flash-frozen into an ice sculpture by Wildebeest, Hot Spot, and Jinx.

Powers and abilities[]

  • Shape Shifting


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Behind the scenes[]

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