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Laurel Hedare
Laurel Hedare
Appeared in Catwoman
Status Deceased
Actor Sharon Stone

Laurel Hedare was an enemy of Patience Phillips/Catwoamn and the wife of George Hedare.



Laurel Hedare was a model for her husband's cosmetics company, Hedare Beauty, who was replaced by a younger model named Drina, not only corporately, but also romantically, as her husband began having an affair with her. Hedare was on the verge of releasing a new skin cream on the market called Beau-Line, which, according to George Hedare, was able to reverse the signs of aging - and known mostly to Laurel, could even make a woman's skin be like "living marble" if used constantly. However, the cream was toxic; after extensive use and stopping the use of it, the skin would disintegrate and disfigure the person that used it, but Laurel intended to make sure that women would keep using it because of the massive profits.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Superhuman Durability: Due to her continued use of the Beau-Line skin cream, Laurel's skin gained enhanced durability and reduced her ability to feel pain.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat



Behind the scenes[]

  • Zöe Bell was a stunt double for Sharon Stone. She received an award for performing a 20-foot fall.
  • Frances McDormand was considered for the role of Laurel Hedare before Sharon Stone was cast.


  • A newspaper reported that Sharon Stone's cell phone rang in the middle of filming a scene and Stone took the call, holding up filming for a time.
  • It may be coincidental that Sharon Stone got the role of Laurel Hedare, considering that she was in the running for the part of Poison Ivy in another film in the Batman franchise, Batman & Robin.