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Lobo (Superman)
Alias(es) The Main Man
Appeared in Superman: The Main Man
Status Alive
Actor Brad Garrett

Lobo is an alien bounty hunter and a reckless thorn in Superman's side. He comes from a race of aliens called the Czarnians.


Superman: The Main Man[]

Lobo was responsible for killing every other member of his race. He wiped out all life on his entire home planet, Czarnia, later claiming it was his "high school science project" (he gave himself an 'A'), leaving him as the last Czarnian. Since then, Lobo has been a mercenary throughout the galaxy, taking on any quarry so long as he gets paid. He generally refers to himself as "The Main Man." Because of this, he's made a lot of enemies and extremely few, if any, allies.

Not long after Superman made himself known on Earth, Lobo was hired to bring in the universe's last Kryptonian so that the intergalactic Preserver could keep him in safety. Although Lobo was eventually defeated on Earth, Superman pursued the mercenary into space and fell into a trap. Before Lobo could collect, however, he was himself captured by the Preserver by virtue of also being the last of his species.

Together, he and Superman broke free while also dealing with some old enemies who had a vendetta against him. In the end, Superman took the animals off the ship to his new Fortress of Solitude, while Lobo was able to claim a bounty from Emperor Spooj.



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