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Lois Lane
Lois Lane SD
Appeared in Superman: Doomsday
Status Alive
Actor Anne Heche

Lois Lane is a reporter at the Daily Planet. She would develop a relationship with Superman that would get her into constant danger, and make her his personal reporter.


Superman: Doomsday[]

One of the Daily Planet’s top reporters, Lois Lane eventually became romantically involved with Superman after many years of flirtatious encounters between the two. Even going so far as to take her to his Fortress of Solitude, Lois became upset when Superman wouldn’t commit to their relationship further by revealing his alter ego. Despite being convinced Superman was really Clark Kent, Lois was unable to discover the truth in time before Superman met his end after engaging in a brutal fight with the alien Doomsday.

After Superman’s passing, Lois became an emotional wreck, even going so far as to seek out Superman’s adopted mother, Martha Kent. When Superman returned, Lois knew there was something wrong and eventually followed the thread back to Lex Luthor’s building, where she discovered he was harvesting Superman clones from strands of DNA Superman left at the scene of his death. The Superman clone, now slowly losing his moral center and turning evil, intervened with Luthor’s attempted murder of Jimmy and Lois and the pair was able to escape the building, only to nearly escape death once again after witnessing the real Superman fight the evil clone to the death.

Once the evil clone was defeated, life returned to normal for Lois and Superman—well, almost. After retiring to Lois’s apartment for some rest and relaxation, Superman revealed to Lois his secret identity, much to Lois’s delight.


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