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Mark Desmond
Block Buster (Young Justice)
Alias(es) Blockbuster
Appeared in Independence Day
Actor René Auberjonois

Mark Desmond is a scientist who used a formula to become the savage and powerful Blockbuster.


Young Justice: Independence Day []

Mark Desmond was an agent of Cadmus and, given the circumstances, probably knew about 'the Light' as the board called it. He was soon appointed as head of Cadmus' genetic labs in DC. Then, after a small fire broke out at the ground level of the Cadmus facility, three sidekicks breached security and freed his top secret Project Kr also known as Superboy.

Although Superboy turned on his would be liberators, Aqualad was able to communicate with him and get him to change sides just as Desmond was about to clone the three before killing them. After an extended chance through the Cadmus facility, Desmond was forced to use project Blockbuster to restore 'order' to Cadmus. He fought the newly formed Team to a standstill before Robin devised a plan to electrocute him and bring the roof of Cadmus' ground level down on top of him. He is last seen being carried away, still unconscious, by the Green Lantern duo (John Stewart and Hal Jordan).




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