Mark Strong

Mark Strong

Mark Strong portrayed Septimus in Stardust, Thaal Sinestro in Green Lantern and Thaddeus Sivana in Shazam!.

Significant roles

  • Insp. Larry Hall in Prime Suspect 3 (1993)
  • Tosker Cox in Our Friends in the North (1996)
  • Mr. Knightley in Emma (1996)
  • Steve in Fever Pitch (1997)
  • Mr. Smithson in Band of Gold (1997)
  • Len Davies in The Jury (2002)
  • Arthur in It's All About Love (2003)
  • Duke of Norfolk in Henry VIII (2003)
  • Det. Chief Supt. Larry Hall in Prime Suspect 6: The Last Witness (2003)
  • Sorter in Revolver (2005)
  • Toby Crackit in Oliver Twist (2005)
  • Andy Spader in Walk Away and I Stumble (2005)
  • Mussawi in Syriana (2005)
  • Wictred in Tristan + Isolde (2006)
  • Louis in Scenes of a Sexual Nature (2006)
  • Pinbacker in Sunshine (2007)
  • Nick Cordorelli in Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day (2008)
  • Finn in Babylon A.D. (2008)
  • Archy in RocknRolla (2008)
  • Bouhler in Good (2008)
  • Hani in Body of Lies (2008)
  • Sir John Conroy in The Young Victoria (2009)
  • Lord Henry Blackwood in Sherlock Holmes (2009)
  • Frank d'Amico in Kick-Ass (2010)
  • Godfrey in Robin Hood (2010)
  • Guern in The Eagle (2011)
  • Jim Prideaux in Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (2011)
  • Matai Shang in John Carter (2012)
  • Merlin in Kingsman The Secret Service (2015) and Kingsman The Golden Circle (2017)
  • Sebastian Graves in Grimsby (2016)
  • Captain William Stanaforth in Approaching the Unknown (2016)


  • Sinestro is "an incredibly organized and fearless component of the Green Lantern Corps." He basically guides Hal Jordan through the training process. he and Reynolds have several one-on-one confrontations in the film. "Sinestro tests him because he does not believe a human can handle the Corps," There a sequence where Sinestro and Kilowogg put Jordan through a very rigorous test early on, which leads to a faceoff between Sinestro and Jordan.
  • "People will be — and I am — really delighted at the fact that they've really made sure that he is as he is in the comics. Because there was a whole production run of ideas of ponytails and goatees and all this kind of stuff, [and] I couldn't really understand why they would want to change it, because it's so successful in the comic."
  • "It's born of the look of David Niven, that mustache and that widow's peak, and I think it would be a shame to get rid of it," "I'm delighted, because he looks pretty much exactly like he is in the comic."
  • "Half and half," "You very rightly point out that when we have a scrap together, Sinestro tests Hal initially. And a lot of that, because he's an accomplished Green Lantern, is done through the power of his thought. But there's some physical stuff, too."
  • "I've read somewhere recently they've already started writing the second one," "And I think it does deal with the fall of Sinestro."
  • "a military guy but [he] isn’t immediately bad. [He's] the kind of person [that] lends himself to becoming bad over the course of the comics being written, but initially he’s quite a heroic figure.”
  • "I felt the same way about Green Lantern. I really liked the build up and Geoff Johns' commitment to Green Lantern, and everybody worked on it with the best of intentions. Ya know, nobody makes a movie thinking 'oh god let's just make a terrible movie, let's not really try in this one shall we? Should we not even bother?' Everyone was really committed, and it's a shame it didn't catch fire in the right way."
  • "I loved making Green Lantern and I loved playing Sinestro, but I would be surprised if they made a second one because I’ve heard nothing about it in quite a while now."
  • "A lot of people seemed to be confused by him putting on the ring at the end of the movie. They felt that it came out of nowhere. [Another movie] would have been very exciting because the putting on of the ring and the whole suit turning yellow would have been great fun."
  • "I'm playing an evil bastard called Doctor Sivana, they are always the best characters to play, the most fun, I was Sinestro in Green Lantern, which I though was a rather good film, but it didn't do what they wanted. So I feel like I've got unfinished business in the DC world. I played a pretty evil character in that, and he was meant to get even worse in the second one but that never happened, but I think I'm going to get the chance to do that in Shazam!, I hope so."
  • "I've been training like a mad man. I'm about to go over and see the stunt guys, I've been trying all of these harnesses on and I think I'm going to be doing lots of flying around and firing electricity out of my hands."
  • "It's a funny film, It's about a young boy who can become a superhero but still remains a young boy so there's elements of Big, there's elements of Stranger Things. I think originally the comic outsold Superman in the 1940s."
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