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Maxine Gibson
Max Gibson
Alias(es) Max
Appeared in Batman Beyond: Curse of the Kobra
Status Alive
Actor Cree Summer

Maxine "Max" Gibson is an ally of Terry's who helps him keep his identity as Batman secret.


Batman Beyond: Curse of the Kobra[]

Along with Terry, she became acquainted with Zander, the sheltered leader-in-training of the terrorist organization Kobra. Having never before met a woman who challenged or defied him, Zander became intrigued by and smitten with Max after she beat him in a game of "Sentries of the Last Cosmos". Going against the wishes of his Kobra minders, he arranged for Max to be abducted and brought her aboard his organization's ship, revealing his plan to remake the earth as a home for spliced human-dinosaur hybrids, and asked her to be his queen. Of course, she refused. She escaped the ship with Terry before it exploded, with the help of Kairi Tanaga.